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Ensure your documents meet


Non-complience with documentation regulations can result in costly, time consuming audit remedial action.

All document versions are stored automatically, and reports on how the document was finalised are just a single button click in pleasereview.    The reporting features are what sets pleasereview apart from any other system.


No Download, install & config….

Defence clients and highly sensitive areas install pleasereview locally on their own servers, which we offer support from full documentation to onsite setup.

Most other pleasereview clients use our cloud services.    This offers high security for minimum effort.  We even include user management* so there is nothing for your IT Department to worry about.


Australian Hosting

All of our collaboration services are based right here in Australia. That means your information stays on-shore, your data is protected and you get to experience the fastest online events in the market.

No Messy Downloads

Online Meetings should be easy for Moderators and for Participants. With pleasereview, you can connect. No downloads means less support time and more collaborating time.

Australian Support

We offer complimentary support to both you and your online attendees. Best of all, our Customer Support Team is based in Brisbane and you get to speak to a real person… every single time.

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pleasereview enables you to:

  • Control the workflow of complex documents
  • Allocate questions & sections of word documents to specific writers
  • Lock sections from editing and hide sensitive sections
  • Automatically maintain an audit log for improved traceability


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pleasereview – Document Collaboration

PleaseReview -- Medical

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I am 100% delighted with PleaseReview. It has freed me from days of comment incorporation and playing referee!

PleaseReview -- Information Tech

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We needed a cost effective solution that would resolve our key issues of managing the review from a single location whilst at the same time allowing those involved to see what others have commented upon.

PleaseReview -- Defense

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We believe that there are many and varied uses for PleaseReview in the Department of Defense due to the diversity and disparate locations of individuals and groups tasked to review and update required documentation.
PleaseReview documents per Year

Document Review Software

Survey conducted with Oracle users at the 2013 Open World Conference in San Francisco.  Similar research was also conducted with Sharepoint Users.

  • People who use document collaboration 70%
  • 2-5 users per document 68%
  • Have no clear collaboration process 40%
  • Frequently work on the wrong version 66%
  • Process causes them problems 98%

Structured Co-Authoring & Collaborative Review




Say goodbye to Copy and Paste !

Say hello massive budget savings….

Say to the boss it will always be on time !

Please Review Features >
Sales Agreements
  • Bill of Sale
  • Complaint Letter
  • Purchase of Business Agreement
Loans, Debt, and IOUs
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Demand Letter
  • Loan Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Release/Waiver Agreement
Service Documents
  • Catering Service Agreement
  • Cleaning Services Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Service Agreement (Consulting)
  • Service Agreement (Contractor)
  • Service Agreement (Software/IT)
Business Documents
  • Business Plan
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Directors’ Resolution
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Purchase of Business Agreement
Employment Documents
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Employment Contract
  •  Non-Disclosure Agreement
Other Forms
  • Amending Agreement
  • Child Travel Consent
  • Release/Waiver Agreement
  • Separation Agreement
Bids, Proposals, Tenders
  • Request for proposal (RFP),
  • Request for tender (RFT), and
  • Request for quotation (RFQ)
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How do we compare ?pleasereview (28)

91% of pleasereview customers rated us as GREAT in our most recent satisfaction survey.

We’ve spent years innovating and improving to ensure that we have all your collaboration needs covered. Selecting the right provider is an extremely important (and sometimes stressful) decision. Hopefully the comparisons below will help you through the process.

pleasereview (12)We is not aware of any direct competitors to pleasereview. However, there are many other ways to review documents. Most have significant disadvantages and, generally, an author either has to: (i) copy amendments from a marked up environment (such as PDF) into the original document; or (ii) consolidate comments and changes from multiple copies of the same document (e.g. emailed Word documents).

See pleasereview in ActionOther methods cannot handle simultaneous mark-up by multiple people leading to a slow and highly inefficient sequential review process. Sequential review is time consuming, prone to error and uncontrolled.

Collaborative platforms provide access to shared documents but don’t provide simultaneous mark-up capabilities. This is similar to the shared drive ‘one at a time’ approach. Products which do provide simultaneous ‘co-authoring’ offer an uncontrolled environment in which all participants are a ‘master author’ and they can delete each other’s comments, completely removing the original author’s control over the document content. The main omission is that there is no audit trail.

The common factor in all these cloud based solutions is that they either offer only uncontrolled co-authoring, cannot handle simultaneous mark-up, or only offer annotations and not true collaborative editing. Where text modification is available they cannot handle anything but the most simple of Word documents. Whilst they can import Word documents, exporting them with incorporated changes is a bigger challenge.

pleasereview offers both cloud and on premise options and offers comprehensive APIs for integration with leading content management systems.

With pleasereview, all comments are made on a single draft of the document, and as every reviewer can see comments from other reviewers there are no duplications – if they disagree, they can indicate that within the comments. It’s all so much more civilized and everyone gets to really collaborate on the review.

Peggy Berry

Vice President and Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Amarin Corporation | life sciences

pleasereview® has been very useful for coordinating comments from multiple reviewers of complex and lengthy research documents.

Helen Schultz

Project Officer (Research & Strategy) Centre for Coal Seam Gas , University of Queensland

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